COT Logo

Illustrator • Photoshop

Creating the brand identity for Connect One Threads was a necessary part of developing their online presence, and the primary focus of that identity is the company logo. Conceptually, the logo needed to encompass the essential ideology of the company in a logical design. Connect One Threads aims to connect fashion-conscious people around the world by entangling sustainability, transparency, and equality into every organic cotton fiber they weave.

The process began by taking the Robinson Projection of the globe and flipping it upside down. The Robinson Projection is considered to be a significantly less biased representation of the earth compared to the commonly used Mercator Projection. By flipping the projection, I aimed represents the idea that there is no “top” of the world and further the feeling of equality through accurate representation. Each continent connects to one another via cotton threads that intertwine towards a common point, an organic cotton seed. The result is a unique design that signifies a sense of being connected to the world while maintaining a fashionable aesthetic.