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My Role

As the sole developer of Connect One Threads, my primary role was to give Connect One Threads an outstanding web presence. Development included building an SEO oriented e-commerce solution that set the stage for what they do and invited others to collaborate.

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The Client

Connect One Threads’ vision is to bring sustainable, affordable fashion to an eco-conscious audience through global collaboration. Working with the owner, Jeremy Pingul, was a fantastic experience. He gave me the opportunity to travel the world, gaining valuable insight into how the different cultures interpret the web.

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The Problem

The Connect One Threads website provided a unique UX challenge that required directing customers to a shop and directing collaborators to resources. Developing a proper user flow meant we needed to educate users as they navigate the site to their desired destination.

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The Process

Developing Connect One Threads started by researching websites focused on fashion sales and others that focused on sustainability education, then combining the two. Our travels and research found that our primary demographic was people ages 18-35 that had a base education of sustainability and conscious design. With that in mind, we designed a landing page that guided potential customers to a point-of-sale while creating a separate pathway for those interested in collaborating with Connect One Threads’ supply chain.

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The Solution

Given the client’s previous experience, we decided that WordPress would make for a viable backend solution. Developing a site with multiple user flows meant that a custom theme that leveraged WooCommerce as our e-commerce solution would be needed. Considering the age of our primary demographic, we decided a hero-based landing page with short text for context to be an adequate way of attracting new customers and collaborators.

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Measuring Success

We implemented Google Analytics to assess site usage and customer interaction. We found that the majority of users stayed on the site for more than 5 minutes per visit. A significant increase in sales indicated that customers thought the store was easy to navigate and trustworthy.

Connect On Threads: Homepage